About Turkish Bath Pouch

Kelebek bath gloves is the outcome of more than 60 years of experience that has been initiated on 1958. When the Turkish bath gloves are inspected, their benefits could be understood as below;

Scrubbing will give you tranquility, make you feel relieved, protect you from
dermatological diseases, play an important role on treatment of acnes and accelerate the renewal of skin through quicken blood flow. Acting as a purifying agent in order to remove dead skin cells, scrubbing will not just provide a oppurtunity for your skin to breath also help your skin to restore its upper layer. Scrubbing makes your body completely healthful via stimulation of blood flow from your skin to organs and has a special effect on your immune system.

For healing and preventing of cellulites, the place of scrubbing is beyond dispute in the present day. “The best way to fight with cellulite is Turkish type bath gloves. It seems that this traditional method have been ignored. Nowadays, recipes like brushing the skin and peeling dead skin cells are being considered as most influential ways to struggle with cellulites. With the application of scrubbing, healty skin cells arise after dead ones disappeared. Scrubbing both increases blod flow and acts an important role to eliminate under skin cellulite. (Prof.Dr. Ahmet KARACALAR, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery-Aestetics)

Yeditepe University Hospital Head of the departments of Aestetics and Plastic Surgery and Este 7 manager Prof. Dr. Ahmet KARACALAR suggests to women who fight with cellulite: Turkish type scrubbing is the best way for you.

Stir yourself for a summer withour cellulite. Prof.Dr. Neslinur Şendur gives the formula: In addition to drinking water and jogging, also scrubbing will make you free from the cellulites that you think as a destiny.

We recommend you to use Kelebek Kese according to doctors, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and cometicians in order to have a smooth and healty skin and a life without cellulites.

Use of Turkish Bath Pouch