Scrub the body is it healthy?

What is Bath Glove?

Scrubbing is basically a procedure that you clear you skin pores with help of hot water. During this application, the material structure of the bath glove is as important as the dimension. The most suitable material is special bath gloves that has been produced with silk. We could not say that any material apart from silk is not so successful.

Did You Say Dead Skin! (?)

Accumulation of the dead skin cells on the skin causes acnes and blackheads problems. For that reasons, skin must be purified from dead cells. This is called exfoliation which is a term that is used for peeling te dead cells from the skin. When you remove the dead cells from your skin, you reveal shining and healthy skin. You must clean your skin properly in order to have a unspotted and soft feeling. In addition you should know that a perfect skin requires a regular exfoliation.

How Could You Apply Bath Glove in 7 Steps?

  1. You should spend time under water at least 15 minutes in order clean dead skin layer. Temperature of the water should be the maximum for in your body limits.
  2. After 15 minutes, test whether dead skin cells can be removed with rubbing with your hand. If you feel that you skin is still oily and dead skin cells are not easily removed with rubbing with your hand, spend 10 minutes more.
  3. Wear the bath glove to your hand hand and rub it gently to all of your body. Apply it from down to up in order to get rid of dead skin.
  4. Armpits, neck, bikini line and calf are more sensitive than other parts of the body so implement the bath glove gently to that areas
  5. Do not use the bath glove on your face after use it on the body. Scrubbing your face with bath glove may irritate your skin. After scrubbing finished, you can make peeling with a …… of coffee to your face in order remove dead skin.
  6. You should wash the bath glove with hot water without using of any kind of soap or detergent.
  7. Be careful to leave bath glove far from any type of soap.

What are the Benefits of Scrubbing to Body Health

Scrubbing is an activity which protects you from dermatologic disorders, help you to remove acnes, accelerate the blood flow and revitalization on the skin. Also it will purify your skin from dead cells and help your skin to breath easily and reconstruct upper layer of the skin.

Scrubbing makes your body completely healhty especially increase your resistance power to the disease by improve your immune system. However, scrubbing in every shower will do more harm than good and irriatete your skin and damage solid upper part of skin. Ideal period for applying it is one time in ten days.

Interest to Turkish baths and spas are increasing because of cold weather. We can turn this period to an advantage. It would be benefical to moisten your skin after a proper shower and scrubbing. Moisturizing could be achieved by body lotions, almond and olive oil. Olive oil is the best material for moisturizing. You can have a natural moisturizing agent with adding some lemon juice to olive oil.

Source of article Dr. Yasemin Fatih Amato

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