Scrubbing is refreshing skin

Medical aestetics specialist Dr. Hatice Öngü indicates that harmful effects of sun could be eliminated by scrubbing. Öngü says that sun rays have benefical sides to your skin as well as its detrimental impacts which are aging, spots and on the worst case skin cancer. During hot days, skin dries, thickens and aging is triggered due to increase of free radicals but this could not be recognized as sweating is also escalated. Öngü implies “In order to get rid of this effects, peeling is one of the best choices. Peeling could be done by various ways. For example, scrubbing in the Turkish baths is a kind of peeling. This ensure to make your skin thinner in a helathy manner. Peeling is a procedure that removes dead skin cells from your body. It is very important to moist the skin after the scrubbing. Also it should not be forgotten that different types of body need different type of moisturizing.

Scrub the body is it healthy?