Kelebek bath gloves is the outcome of more than 60 years of experience that has been initiated on 1958. When the Turkish bath gloves are inspected, their benefits could be understood as below; Scrubbing will give you tranquility, make you feel relieved, protect you from dermatological diseases, play an important role on treatment of acnes [...]
Wash the bath glove with hot water and soap on the first usage. Before applying it to your skin, be sure that no trace of soap has remained on the bath glove and wash it properly. First of all, you should not forget that you use it in order to be freed from dead skin [...]
What is Bath Glove? Scrubbing is basically a procedure that you clear you skin pores with help of hot water. During this application, the material structure of the bath glove is as important as the dimension. The most suitable material is special bath gloves that has been produced with silk. We could not say that [...]
Medical aestetics specialist Dr. Hatice Öngü indicates that harmful effects of sun could be eliminated by scrubbing. Öngü says that sun rays have benefical sides to your skin as well as its detrimental impacts which are aging, spots and on the worst case skin cancer. During hot days, skin dries, thickens and aging is triggered [...]