Use of Turkish Bath Pouch

Wash the bath glove with hot water and soap on the first usage. Before applying it to your skin, be sure that no trace of soap has remained on the bath glove and wash it properly.

First of all, you should not forget that you use it in order to be freed from dead skin layer. No soaps, shampoos, body lotions etc. should be get in touch with bath glove.

Application of the bath glove must be made with pure water.

On the domestic utilization, shower should be taken on the highest temperature possible for you then body should be soaped and after that scrubbing could be implemented. In the case of having a place to sweat or sauna, you should get sweat and rinsed with mild water. Bath glove must be applied to body with horizontal and long moves and you should be careful in order not to apply it to the same body zones. After the application of bath glove, the thin layer of dead skin cells must be cleaned and rinsed well.

In the Turkish baths, saunas and spas, you should get sweat properly and an act with soap and suclike materials in order to remove fat from your skin.

After you have been purified from soap, the bath glove should be applied heating with hot water. You should remove the dead skin layer with shower sponge and after that get rinsed with mild water.

Daily implementation of the bath glove is not recommended except fight with cellulite. Ideal usage period is one time in ten days. Soft touchs on the buttocks and calf is essential.

Bath glove is suitable for personal usage due to hygiene reasons.

We wish you a healthy days with your bright sakin after the implementation of Kelebek Kese bath gloves.

Scrub the body is it healthy?
About Turkish Bath Pouch